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Product Overview: 1968-1973 Mustang Lower Tubular Control Arms

Product Overview: 1968-1973 Mustang Lower Tubular Control Arms " title="Product Overview: 1968-1973 Mustang Lower Tubular Control Arms
Product Overview: Mustang 1968-1973 Lower Tubular Control Arms # TBF-7

Mustang 1968-73 Lower Tubular Control Arms Product Link #TBF-7

Global West manufactures tubular lower control arms for Ford Mustangs--covering model years 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973.

Global West Advantage:

This tubular arm is stronger than the stock unit and has a replaceable ball joint, whereas stock control arms do not have replaceable ball joints. When the ball joint wears out, the whole arm must be replaced. Global West uses a ball joint that can be found anywhere in the country and it is not proprietary.

The bushing side of the control arm has a spherical bearing installed rather than a rubber or polyurethane bushing. The bearing does not deflect like poly or rubber and does not create a harsh ride. The bearing allows the up and down movement the suspension needs without resistance. Both rubber and poly have resistance. The result using a bearing like ours is better driveability, less wonder, greater control through the turns and braking. The bearing is serviceable and can also be found around the country.

Note: The lower control arms are stock length and are not adjustable. Adjustable lower arms will upset the bump steer.

Stock strut rods can be used or you can upgrade to our adjustable strut rods.

The arms are shipped assembled and are powder coated black.

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