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1958-1964 Impala Rear Lower Control Arms (Product Overview) Global West

1958-1964  Impala Rear Lower Control Arms (Product Overview) Global West" title="1958-1964  Impala Rear Lower Control Arms (Product Overview) Global West

Product Overview: 1958-1964 Impala Rear Lower Control Arms Part Number TBC-84 Link

Global West produces lower control arms for 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1964 Impala, Biscayne and El Camino applications. The arms are round tube construction and provide superior strength over factory control arms, including those that are boxed. Also, the arms maintain the same angle for the spring mount as stock.

The Global West Advantage:

One major improvement over stock is the ability to pivot at the frame without adding excessive loads on the frame mount. The X frames are noted for not being strong. Global West uses a Teflon lined spherical bearing instead of rubber or polyurethane. The bearing allows the arm to pivot up and down and swing slightly side to side (because of the panhard rod) without putting additional stresses on the frame mount.

On the rear end side, the arm is built with a rubber bushing. Why you might ask? Rubber will provide some minor lateral movement that is required because of the panhard rod. In 1959 through 1964, the factory used a panhard rod to control the rear end side to side movement. Unfortunately, the panhard rod is fairly short. As the rear end moves up and down, it also moves slightly left and right because of the arc of the panhard rod. Consequently, rubber is the best choice for our application. If polyurethane was used, it would restrict the movement.

Another benefit is a rotating spring cushion for indexing the coil spring. The spring cushion can be rotated during assembly for proper index. So if you trimmed the spring for lowering you can still get a good index between the upper and lower spring mounts.

As for air bags and hydraulic, we do make rear control arms specifically with these application.

The arms are powder coated black and are fully assembled. They also have provisions for clamping the parking brake cable to them just as the factory did.

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