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Product Overview: Drag Race Upper Control Arms 1967-1969 Camaro/Firebird and 1968-1974 Nova/Ventura

Product Overview: Drag Race Upper Control Arms 1967-1969 Camaro/Firebird and 1968-1974 Nova/Ventura " title="Product Overview: Drag Race Upper Control Arms 1967-1969 Camaro/Firebird and 1968-1974 Nova/Ventura

Camaro 1967-1969 Drag Race Upper Control Arms #TLC-79

Firebird 1967-1969 Drag Race Upper Control Arms #TLC-79

Ventura 1968-1974 Drag Race Upper Control Arms #TLC-79

Global West Suspension offers a light-weight low friction tubular upper control arm for 1967, 1968, and 1969 Camaro/Firebird and 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 Nova/Ventura drag racing applications.

Part # TLC-79 is fully assembled with tubular powder coated black upper tubular arms, upper ball joints, control arm bump stops, aluminum billet upper cross shafts, Delrin bushings and related hardware. They are made out of 4130 chrome-molly and shave almost a full 10 pounds off the front end over stock control arms.

The Global West Advantage:

Reduced Bump Steer:

With this set, bump steer is reduced through new geometry induced by the control arm. Bump steer is a condition that occurs as the front of the vehicle raises, the wheels turn on their own without driver input. This causes tire scrub and front end wander.

Note: Currently, the stock upper control arms change the toe approximately 3/8 of an inch per 1 inch of travel. TLC-79 drops the toe change down to 1/8 inch for the same amount of travel. Plus, TLC upper arms have 6 degrees of caster built into the arm. The stock arm usually tops out at 3 degrees with full shim packs.

Geometry Change:

One of the biggest problems most production cars have is not enough caster. Caster provides straight-line stability and reduces wander at high speeds. It is part of the front end self-aligning force. For this reason, caster is essential on drag cars. Unfortunately, there is never enough caster available using stock front-end components. Too many alignment shims are needed and possible camber problems can occur. TLC upper control arms are built with additional positive caster and setting camber is never a problem.

Control Arm Shafts:

All TLC upper control arms use billet aluminum cross-shafts. Steel sleeves are pressed in on each side of the shaft for protection. The sleeves isolate the aluminum shaft from alignment shims, frame bolts and nuts. This allows proper torque to be maintained on the cross-shaft. Without steel sleeves, alignment shims and upper shaft bolts would rest against the aluminum shaft and eventually work loose. Once the bolt works loose, alignment shims would fall out causing loose alignment.

TLC Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings:

TLCs use Delrin type bushings machined specifically for our shafts and housings. Delrin, which is patented, is a hard plastic and can handle extreme loads associated with suspension components. It is long lasting and very durable. Grease fittings are installed in the control arms for lubricating the bushings. Synthetic grease is recommended.

Bump Stops:

Bump stops are installed on the upper control arms to stop ball joint over travel. This protects the upper ball joint from damage. Sometimes, if the front end travel needs to be limited, the bump stop may be removed and a limiter may be added in its place. Always check the suspension travel. Make sure the bump stop contacts the frame before the shock runs out of travel. Modifications to the suspension can change the distance required.

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