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Product Overview:Performance Strut Rod Bushings for Mustang 1967-73

Product Overview:Performance Strut Rod Bushings for Mustang 1967-73" title="Product Overview:Performance Strut Rod Bushings for Mustang 1967-73
Product Overview: Performance Strut Rod Bushings for 1967-1973 Mustang # SRB-5

#SRB-5 Ford Performance Strut Rods Link

Global West Advantage: Strut Rods

Mustang and other Ford applications all can benefit by using stiffer strut rod bushings over stock. The strut rod is the rod that goes from the lower control arm to the frame mount just under the radiator. **Ford calls this a brake reaction strut rod.

The SRB-5 kit, for the 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973 Mustang, installs just like the factory units. You get a set of 4 bushings. No special tools are required for installation but you will have to get the car aligned afterwards.

It is threaded by the bushing end and then, when adjusted, moves the lower control arm fore or aft in the wheel well. You adjust your caster alignment setting from there or-- if you are building a race car-- you could square the car. The strut rod mounts in rubber to allow movement of the lower control arm up and down while controlling fore and aft movement.

Global West Advantage: Performance Bushings

Performance bushings will definitely help control lower control arm movement fore and aft during cornering and braking with limited deflection and still allow the lower arm to pivot properly. We use a stiffer rubber bushing than the factory to achieve better control.

We don't recommend polyurethane in this application because it restricts up and down movement, putting high loads on the strut rod. We do offer an adjustable strut rod that has a bearing (spherical rod end) in place of the rubber which is the ultimate control. This unit is used for all applications including racing.

Is it necessary normal street driving? No, we would install the better rubber bushings. If you plan to autocross or drag race the car on occasion, then we would say yes.

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