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1958-1964 Rear Impala Coilover Kits

1958-1964 Rear Impala Coilover Kits" title="1958-1964 Rear Impala Coilover Kits

1958-64 Rear Impala Coilover Kit

Rear Coilover Kits

#COR-5864V (Double Adjustable Viking Shocks)

#COR-5864D (Double Adjustable QA1 Shocks)

#COR-5864S (Single Adjustable QA1 Shocks)

Global West Suspension sells a proven rear coilover suspension kit for 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 Impala. No welding is required for installation. The kit installs in an afternoon and provides adjustable ride height and adjustable shock dampening. Springs are included in the kit for street performance; however, almost any spring rate can be installed because the coilover spring is a standard 2.5 id coilover spring.

What’s Inside: Adjustable Shocks

This particular kit is supplied with double adjustable shocks. Double adjustable shocks are the best for fine tuning your ride. You can use the adjustments whether you are looking for comfort or for putting power down at the stop light. The decision is yours.

The advantage using this type of shock is the ability to adjust bump and rebound separately. Bump is when the tire goes up into the fender and rebound is when the tire moves out of the fender. A normal shock has preset dampening and invariably is not setup for your driving style or performance options you have built into your car.

In addition to shocks, the kit also comes with springs, various steel and aluminum rear end brackets, lower control arms, and an upper cross member. The upper cross member strengthens the frame for mounting the coilover. Ride height is adjusted with a spanner wrench (furnished in the kit) and threaded adjusting collars on the shock body. By adjusting the collar up or down on the shock adjusts ride height.

Exhaust clearance is not hampered with installation.

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