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Grantís 1972 Firebird

<strong>Grantís 1972 Firebird</strong>" title="<strong>Grantís 1972 Firebird</strong>

1972 Pontiac Firebird: Grant sent us photos of his control arms for the 1972 Firebird. He will equip his ride with our upper and lower (coilover) control arms with Del-A-Lum bushings.

Grant Says: This is my first time using your product. I bought them [the control arms] because the lower arm is for coilover applications. The mount for the coilover is reinforced for added strength. I like your bushing setup as well. The arm rotates smoothly; it can be lubricated, so it won't squeak and prolongs the life of the bushing.

CTA-71A 1970-1981 Firebird Upper Control Arms

CTA-71H 1970-1981 Firebird Coilover Lower Control Arms

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