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Rear Coilover Kit Single Adjustable Part #COR-6466S

Global West offers a rear coilover kit for all a-body applications for 1964-66. This includes Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino, GTO, Lemans, Tempest, Buick Skylark, GS, Olds 442, Cutlass, and a few more. The advantage to using coilover is the ability to adjust ride height, weight jacking for racing purposes, precise shock dampening to spring travel, and the availability of about any spring rate you can think of. Our main consideration when we designed this kit was to keep the load from the spring in the original location on the frame. We considered just using the original shock location and beefing it up. We would through a coilover shock and spring combination in it's place and call it good. Since we have substantial knowledge working on a-bodies for over thirty years we quickly bailed on it. Past experience has shown us that when you put air shocks in this location, they tear up the upper shock mount. The air shock was used to support the cars load as would a coilover and subsequently pound it's way through the mounting plate on the frame. Of coarse beefing this area up would stop that but then we run into the angle of the shock being laid back to clear the rear end and clearance for large exhaust pipes becomes a problem. Note: You probably already know the more the shock is laid over the less efficient it becomes. Therefore we placed the shock (coilover) straight up and down and located it directly in the center of the original spring pocket. This is the most effective location for keeping the shock angle at optimum and it opens up the area over the rear end for 3 inch exhaust. Special shocks are provide for optimizing travel. In this case Penske shocks where choosing. Why Penske? Penske makes some of the best shocks in the world. They are found in every facet of racing and we wanted the best of the best for this application. The kit includes Penske shocks (double or single adjustable), shock mounting brackets and plates, anti-squat brackets, springs, spanner wrench, thrust bearing kit, rear sway bar, canister bracket, and hardware. Welding will be required for installation. This kit will fit GM and Ford rear ends.

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