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Drag Race Track-Pro Kit #TPK-6472

Drag Race Track-Pro Kit #TPK-6472" title="Drag Race Track-Pro Kit #TPK-6472Track-Pro Kits for Drag Racing

Specifically designed for drag racing, Global West offers tubular upper and lower control arms with low friction bushings that allow the front end to respond quickly. This kit is designed for the Chevelle, El Camino, Malibu, and Monte Carlo--model years 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972.

The upper arms will provide superior geometry, more caster, low friction upper bushings and weight savings. The lower arms provide strength and low friction bushings. The combination will allow the front end to snap up rapidly and do to the design will also not deflect. The front end will hold an alignment and be stable.

Global West Advantage: Upper Control Arms

The upper control arms also have built in more positive caster. These particular units have 6 degrees built in. Caster, as you probably already know, provides straight-line stability. A-bodies from 1964-1972 never had enough positive caster available using the stock components. Even if you used offset upper control arm shafts in your stock arm, the best you may get is 4 degrees positive, but average is closer to 3 degrees positive.

Global West Advantage: Lower Control Arms

The lower control arms are designed to be stronger particularly at the ball joint area. A-bodies from 64-72 had problems with the lower arm cracking at the ball joint and also on the side where the steering stop contacts the arm. The stress crack eventually spreads across the arm and the weight of the car eventually shears off the ball joint.

Note: Anytime you replace ball joints or service that area, you should check for stress cracks. On your drag car you should be checking this often, especially if you have a wheel stander. Our lower arms will handle the stress encountered when coming down on the front end from a wheel stand.

Letís talk about weight. The lower arms are a trade off from stock. We are more concerned with safety then weight. The lower arm needs to withstand a tremendous load. The upper arms are considered followers and are made out of 4130. They do not hold the car up. The cross shafts are made out of aluminum. You will save 8 pounds over the stock units. All of the savings will be in the upper arms.

Track-Pro Kits also contain new alignment specifications.

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