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Video Tutorial: Extended vs Standard Coilover System Tutorial for A-Bodies (GTO, Chevelle, LeMans, GS, Cutlass, and more!)

Video Tutorial: Extended vs Standard Coilover System Tutorial for A-Bodies (GTO, Chevelle, LeMans, GS, Cutlass, and more!)" title="Video Tutorial: Extended vs Standard Coilover System Tutorial for A-Bodies (GTO, Chevelle, LeMans, GS, Cutlass, and more!)
"Global West Shows the Difference Between Standard and Extended Travel Coilover Systems for 1964-72 A-bodies.

Extended Travel Coilover Kit Info:

Extended travel coilover front suspension kits are available for 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, Chevelle, GTO, Cutlass, Skylark and other a-body applications from Global West Suspension (see part #CTA-42 EXT).

If you are planning on lowering your car and running big tires for pro-touring or just achieving the desired look, extended travel front end kits are something you should be looking at.

As coilover suspension grows in popularity and ride heights are getting lower and lower, suspension travel is becoming more limited. Dropped spindles lower the car down but reduce the amount of back space you can use on the rim. This makes for less tire on the front end, unless you step up to a 18 inch or larger rim.

Why is the dropped spindle an issue?

The inside of the rim hits the tie rod end because a dropped spindle raises the spindle pin up in the spindle, the steering knuckle arm that the tie rod attaches to stays in the stock location.

You can (and many do) use conventional coilover shocks that plug into the stock frame using a conical wound spring; however, you will run out of travel if you get into a 2 inch drop scenario and you drive aggressively. You need more travel! That is why #CTA-42EXT was designed. It allows for extended travel. The upper shock mount is raised above the frame.

Global West doesn't recommend using the stock lower a-arm. You need a purpose built lower arm for this application. We recommend using coilover lower control arm CTA-42H. Any coilover shock can be used. We supply two coilover shocks brands, QA-1 and Penske. Global West offers QA-1 shocks (single or double adjustable) and Penske (single, double or triple). Complete kits are available ready to go (see other listings).

Standard Coilover Kit Info:

Global West's coilover tubular lower arms allow QA-1, Afco, and Air Ride technology components to bolt directly on. We took a good look at the stock lower arm and the installation of a coilover kit in place of the standard spring. Which by the way installs on the top of the control arm, not from underneath. We felt we needed a control arm specifically designed to handle the load of a coilover application. The design of the lower arm would also clean up the appearance showing off the coilover kit.

The arm offers 4 major strength areas to look at:

1. Doubling plates are used in the loaded areas where the shock bolts to the arm.

2. Cross tubes support the loaded shock mounting area and outside main tubes.

3. The sway bar mounting plate adds support to the ball joint area.

4. Straps are used around the bushing housings strengthening the housing to the tube.

CTA-42H will not except standard coil springs.

The arms are supplied with ball joints, bump stops, and control arm bushings. They are designed to handle the increased load being placed through the shock attachment points versus the conventional stock spring location.

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