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Video Tutorial: 1967-1970 Mustang Front Street and Drag Race Coilover System from Global West.

Video Tutorial: 1967-1970 Mustang Front Street and Drag Race Coilover System from Global West." title="Video Tutorial: 1967-1970 Mustang Front Street and Drag Race Coilover System from Global West.Are you Interested in a Front Coilover Suspension System for your 1967-70 Mustang?

Watch this Global West tutorial/demo to learn more about this kit!

Product Information-COMST-6770D:

Handling and drag racing kits are available. Note: All components are shipped powder coated black. Hardware is included along with instructions and alignment specifications.

This kit contains:Tubular upper control arms,Tubular lower control arms, Adjustable strut rods, Billet aluminum tower shock mounts, Steel lower shock mounts, Shocks (available non-adjustable,single adjustable, or double adjustable), Eibach Racing Springs, Helper springs, Helper spring spacers, and a Thrust bearing kit (under the springs for easier adjusting)

The Global West Advantage: Product Features

Global West offers 2 different coilover suspension systems. The first is used for drag racing and street applications. The second system is a Negative roll system. Negative roll is used for road racing and performance street handing.

  • Upper and lower control arms are fully assembled. Top of the line Del-a-lum bushings are used in the upper arms and spherical Teflon lined bearings are used in the lowers. Threaded ball joints are used top and bottom.

  • Adjustable strut rods make caster adjustment simple. Our strut rods have a special clevis that indexes in the frame making it impossible for improper installation.

  • Eccentric locout kits eliminate the lower cam bolts. The cam bolts can slip during hard cornering altering your alignment. Our new locout kits offer 6 adjustments for camber rather than one.

  • Stock brakes (either drum or disc) can be used. Racing brakes are also not a problem. Notice our category 5 disc brake system.

  • Coilover shocks are available three different ways non-adjustable, single adjustable, and double adjustable.

  • Adjustable ride height is a given. Note: Lowering the ride height 1 inch places the shock in the middle of its travel.

  • Billet aluminum upper mounts are standard.

  • Special steel lower mounts install on the lower arm to maximize spring and shock performance.

  • Needle bearing kits are standard with our coilover kits. Needle bearings go between the lower adjuster and the spring. Needle bearings are used to reduce drag when adjusting ride height.

Tech Tips:

Did you know that Mustang suspension from 1964 though 1973 have 7 inches of overall travel? Our coilover kit increases the travel from 7 inches to 9 inches and is designed to be in the middle of travel at a 1 inch drop. This allows for plenty of ride height adjustment.

Global West coilover kits maintain factory suspension loads in the shock tower, from the bottom up. No cutting of the shock tower is required.

Installation requires drilling a total of 6 holes for the drag / street version and 10 holes for negative roll / road racing system. Drill templates included.

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