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1964-66 Coilover Suspension

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Negative Roll Kit
1964-66 Mustang Coilover Front End Kit
Autocross/ Street Performance

Small Block Applications

#COMNR-6466S Small Block (Single Adjustable QA-1 Shocks)

#COMNR-6466D Small Block (Double Adjustable QA-1 Shocks)

#COMNR-6466V Small Block (Double Adjustable Viking shocks)

Coilover Kit
1964-66 Mustang Coilover Front End Kit
Drag Race/ Street

Small Block Applications

#COMST-6466S Small Block (Single Adjustable QA-1 Shocks)

#COMST-6466D Small Block (Double Adjustable QA-1 Shocks)

#COMST-6466V Small Block (Double Adjustable Viking shocks)

Newly released from Global West Suspension, we sell front coilover kits for 1964, 1965 and 1966 Mustangs. The kit replaces the stock suspension with no welding or frame modifications other than drilling a few mounting holes. This particular kit comes with single adjustable shocks.

The Global West Advantage

Negative Roll verses G-Plus Design:

The new design, a double (A-arm) system, is available with the Global West Negative Roll Geometry or G-plus design.

The differences between the two suspension systems are the application. Negative Roll is used for a street /road handling application, whereas G-Plus is used for street/drag application.

What’s Inside

Both systems incorporate adjustable ride height coilover shocks with 3 different shock combinations available: non-adjustable, single adjustable (rebound) or double adjustable (bump and rebound), lower A-arms, upper A-arms, billet upper shock mounts, newly designed tower supports, inner shock tower supports, and sway bar.

The upper control arms, in conjunction with the lower control arms, have new alignment specifications built in to them. Reduced shimming is achieved for proper setting.

Additional Product Information
  • The new lower control arms have an adjustable mount at the strut rod location. This is not used for setting your alignment but for installation purposes due to discrepancies in production and years of service.

  • You will also notice a new sway bar location. The new lower arm incorporates the sway bar attachment point up in between the lower arm mounting points. This allows the car to be lowered further without running into frame clearance problems associated with the stock setup.

  • The design also allows for a longer coilover shock to be used which gives the front suspension more available travel, 9 inches total. In addition, adjustable steering stops are also included.

  • The shock and spring attach to the lower control arm closer to the lower ball joint and centerline of the tire. This provides greater dampening control of the suspension. Fine adjustment to the shock yield greater effects to the suspension then the stock configuration.

  • Standard spindles are used, drum or disc along with standard steering. However any steering may be used, provided it is designed for 1964,1964, and 1966 Mustang.

  • New tubular inner fender well shock tower panels are also included with the coilover kit. This design is necessary for accessing the shock adjusters and repositioning the bump stops giving the suspension more travel.
Note: The part #TS-46T (supplied in the coilover kits) is also sold separately and is used with factory control arms or Global West Negative Roll upper arms. The TS-46T comes with new hardware is powder coated black.

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